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  War of Emperium

War of Emperium

War of Emperium (WoE) is a Free-For-All, Guild-vs-Guild battle open to anyone who is brave enough to enter the storming chaos!

But first..

You will need the following requirements:

• A guild
• Official Guild Approval (which let's you and your members hit Emperiums)

Creating a Guild

• Creating a guild requires an Emperium as a Catalyst

• Once you have the Emperium on your inventory, type /guild GuildNameGoesHere

• If your guild name has space in it, enclose it in double quotation marks
Example: /guild "Guild Name Goes Here"

NOTE: The character who created the guild will be the Guild Master. To disband the guild, the guild master should be the only one remaining in the guild, then type /breakguild GuildNameHere.

Guild Overview

This is what a guild window looks like: You can access your guild by pressing ALT + G

Guild Info is where the general info about your guild is located.

Guildsmen Info is where the general info about your guild members are located. This is where you'll see their level, job, etc..

Position is where the guildmaster set a member's authority within the guild. He can give the power to invite or expel members. This is also where the guildmaster set the member's exp tax. Exp tax is the percentage of your exp that is given to the guild for it to level up.

Guild skill is where the guild skills are located. Each skill gives your guild a unique advantage during WoE. For a complete description of guild skills, click HERE

The most important guild skill

Expel History is the list of expelled members. You can also see the reason of expulsion.

Guild Notice is where the guildmaster set the guild notice. Guild notice can be seen everytime you log-in.

Sample guild notice

Let's go to war!

No, not yet..

Before going straight to the battle, be sure that you know the following:


WoE Maps

Restrictions & Tips

WoE Strategies

Rewards for conquering a castle


Break the Emperium
It can be found on one of the castle rooms

Emperiums receive 1 damage

Once an emperium is broken, a notice will be sent to everyone in the castle
Everyone except the conquering guild will be warped out

If your guild owns the castle, you can click the flag outside
and you'll be teleported near the Emperium room

WoE Maps

• Yellow lines: Entrance
• Red dots: Portals
• Orange/Yellow dots: Emperium


Here are some restrictions while inside the castle:

• Knocbacks don't work
• Phen card don't work
• Attack damage is not shown.
• Skill effects are simplified.

• Fly wing and teleport skills don't work
• Auto warp to your save point when you die
• Heal on Emperium don't work
• Boss cards don't work

WoE Tips

Here are some tips that may help:

• Get a castle warper to save time
• Set a sanctuary spot for spawning allies
• Have a blacksmith ready for broken equips
• Spam disruptive skills at the castle entrance
• Have spy on other guilds (I know..but it works)

• Prioritize killing breakers (sin, agi knight, BS)
• Use sight or ruwach at the entrace
to prevent enemies from hiding
• For guildleaders: Be sure to reward members
• For members: Don't abuse the freebies given to you

Woe Strategies

Emperium Hostage:

• Hostaging an emperium pertains to defending a
castle that doesn't belong to you, this is to prevent
the castle owner taking over the castle,
since they can't break their own emperium.

Last minute break:

• This is a full force attack during the last 5 minutes of WoE.
This is a high-risk, high-reward plan because if your guild
was to break the emperium, there will be no other chance
for other guilds to take it since the WoE is over.


Successfully conquering a castle opens up alot of potential for you and for your guild!

• Guild dungeons: These maps are not open to the outside world and can only be accessed by castle holders. This is a great way to hunt since there will be no competition.

• Treasure boxes(guild master only): Once you've invested on your guild's economy, a treasure box will spawn after 24 hours in the master's room. The box contains special items and these are used to create God equipments

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