99Porings Interview


We interview community members on how they see the game, their experiences, and their thoughts about Ragnarok online.


September 13, 2017

Seeing that he's the first legitimate billionaire in Loki server, people are curious on how he started out. So, we asked him questions that we know you'd like to ask too.

So read along! this is gonna be fun!

  1. First of all, WOW! 1 billion zeny! Congratulations! Ragnarok online is a game that's more than a decade old. Were you able to play the previous versions of the game or just this 2017 version?
    I started playing the beta-test version 2003-2004 when I was a kid, I was the one who invented the STR type hunter (so we can carry alot of arrows back then and we need not go back to town for a very long time) LOL just kiddin, but yeah, I did some pretty silly stuff back when I was a 12 year old kid.
  2. Before playing the game, did you already have this goal in mind? or was it just the stars aligning in your favor?
    One thing I can say is if I put my mind into something, everything is achievable.
  3. Are you a solo player when you started out? or did you join the game with your friends?
    Yes, a lone wolf indeed, me and my guildmate -Ryu were the first two people to reach level 99 in the server by playing solo, We had the whole Clock Tower B4F to ourselves during the first two weeks of the server. Despite that we didn't make a party because we were competing who'll be the first 99 in the server LOL.
  4. What are your short term and long term goals in this game?
    Short term goals were all achieved already (first 99 in the server, first pure forger BS, Top 1 BS, First legitimate 1B.. etc) However, my long-term goals are pretty broad, I would just have to say that you stay tuned to our page for future announcement of bigger and better things we have in store for all our loyal supporter and followers. :)
  5. Did you buy RokPoints right away or did you observe the market a bit?
    During CBT I was just trying the game out and feeling the nostalgia that came with it, but as soon as CBT was over I had gone nuts over the game.. I was too deep in the rabbit hole to escape my fate, I was addicted and so I immediately bought 10k worth of ROKS to start me off on grinding in OBT.
  6. any tips that you can give to those who's planning to do the same strategy as you did?
    All the information you need to do what I did is already out there in the open, just learn to research for it. That's the easy part. However, the hard part is keeping your enthusiasm, dedication, and persistence in check. You can only do so if you're passionate enough for the game and how it's meant to be played and enjoyed.
  7. With regards to zeny fluctuation, did you see it as a random occurrence or did you find a pattern in it?
    I actually found a pattern in it like most of the experienced players in-game, like what we commonly see on official communities.

    A number of older people knows how the game works, they know the principle between supply and demand and some other advanced principle of economics in general. That's why we/they know how to predict the incoming dips and rise of zeny and other market essentials, armors, weapons, cards and the like. It's all about predicting the next big thing.
  8. Our developer sees this game as a simulation of real life. In your opinion, what are the similarities and differences this game has over real life?
    I totally agree, the game's economy and business is no different than that of real life businesses. It's all about finding a problem in the market or the server as a whole and providing solutions and services to accommodate or cater to the in-game problems or absence of said services.
  9. Seeing that you're an entrepreneur in real life, what disciplines were you able to use in-game?
    Two things I utilized fully was Law of Leverage and Law of Association.

    The former of the two is about utilizing other people's talents and skills to multiply my time and productivity far more efficiently than getting things done by myself which I find pretty exhausting.

    The latter is being able to make use of my connections in real-life gaming industry to learn and assimilate from experts/veterans of the game for various vital information, techniques and strategies that I didn't know before and would take me a long learning curve to even grasp. Hence, my being part of the premier guild in Loki server which is 322.

    I believe that I am always a student of life, never a master. It's either we are growing or we are dying.
  10. Do you think entrepreneurs can use this game to simulate their market strategy before going live? If so, what do they need to know or to research?
    Technically yes, however that wouldn't be the case for most real-life business principles practically applied in-game.

    Most people who tried emulating my example in the forging industry didn't quite make the catch because they are missing a crucial detail, the real-life principle of being in an actual business. People skills, customer relationships, value-driven marketing instead of profit-oriented hard selling so on and so forth.

    There are many factors to consider and years of experience needed to fully apply what we did in the forging industry in Loki server.
  11. 'All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy' but integrating your real life experience in a game makes it a unique approach. From where you stand right now, is there something that you learn while playing that you can apply to your work/real life?
    Of course, especially with regards to my online marketing ventures. I got to try out many different things on my page that opened my eyes to a wide range of possibilities that we can use for our gaming company and gaming channels in the near future. Also, I got in touch with my inner-child who gave me all these new wonderful ideas that I'm all too excited to implement.

    You see we don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. We need to always try something new and different every single day.
  12. Behavior/Attitude also plays an important role when interacting with people, how were you able to adjust to different player behavior in-game? Did you encounter conflicts with some players?
    Yes of course it is a normal occurrence, everyday when we play Ragnarok Online we are confronted with numerous situations wherein our true character as an individual get displayed to the whole community. From kill-stealing to looting other players' items and even as to how we mingle and speak to our fellow players online be it respectful or not. It shows who we really are in real-life.

    My mentor once told me that "What you are in SMALL things, you are in BIG things. How you do ONE THING is how you do EVERYTHING in your life." (That includes online games of course) Always remember to always give respect in order to receive respect back. It goes to show our inherent greatness and power more than any amount of zenies, in-game over upgraded and MVP equipments combined.

    True greatness of a person, in my view, is evident in the way he or she treats those with whom courtesy and kindness are not required.
  13. What is the difference between the level 1 Novice `Muramasa to the level 99 `Muramasa now? Do you think you've matured as a person and as a gamer? Any realizations you had along the way?
    Of course, I always strive to grow and learn at my own pace all the time. My patience and tolerance was really put to the test when I started mingling with online gamers in the server - who are mostly kids and teenagers since I'm used to being around older/serious businessmen.

    I learned how to level and assess myself in situations wherein my belief systems were questioned because they were too positive and out-of-this world for some people. But eventually, every thing came to light and they understood what was at work.

    It is through leading and living by example that I had the chance to influence numerous kids, adults or people in general in a positive manner. That there for me is already fulfillment in what I do while enjoying my passion which is gaming
  14. Any word to those who want to follow your path
    Remember, the starting point of all achievement is BURNING DESIRE.

  15. Quick Talk

  16. Why the name `Muramasa?
    Well I wanted to take the name `Masamune Goro since he's the good guy and he's the no.1 swordsmith in Japan. Muramasa is second only to his mentor Masamune after all but Muramasa sounds so badass plus I get to have free advertisement of my name every time a person sells the in-game weapon Muramasa (The one that has critical and aspd bonus) LOL. (99porings do actually remember you when we see a Muramasa /omg)
  17. What made you decide to create a forger
    Because a Thai forger failed (0/10) to forge me a VVS Wind Claymore :( (this was on the first week of the server) So, I decided to create my own forger, and be of help to other players who failed forging attempts miserably.

    Fun fact: the first VVS Wind Claymore forged by the said Thai was purchased by me for 3 million zeny, which was alot back then. This is exactly 3 days after the server opened.)
  18. How did you start out
    Doing everything this Thai forger told me not to.
    PRO TIP: You see, you don't listen to what a successful person says, You do what they do.
  19. How was leveling a forger like?
  20. What equips can you recommend to a starting forger? Also, Once they have the means to buy anything, what are the ultimate forger equips that you can think of?
    Forging equipment is just a bunch of carded weapon and armors that has DEX/LUK as its primary bonus/effect. As for the ultimate forger equips, that's our trade secret and I leave that for you guys to research. (Don't be lazy, lol)
  21. Do you have any rituals before forging?
    Yep, just look at all our free forging live streams. :) That's why it usually takes 10-12 hours to finish 100+ people on queue. Because of the rituals, it also adds a little bit of entertainment through anxiety-filled anticipation LOL.
  22. What's the first elemental you forged? what did you do with it?
    It was not an Elemental, but a plain `Muramasa's Claymore.. Just as good as the NPC one but with our name on it. We still have it to this day to remind us of our noob mistake.
  23. How do you price your elementals?
    We usually multiply the capital used by 3 or 4 to make it a bit profitable and we also consult with the Loki Blacksmith's ranked forgers council.

    Yes we do communicate for the betterment of the server's economy and community.
  24. As a forger yourself, would you recommend a VVS or a non-VVS to a new player?
    I would recommend VVS, because every amount of damage per second counts over time. Slight edge principle.
  25. Advantage/disadvantage of creating a forger?
    Advantages: too many to mention, you can figure that out. :)
    Disadvantage: Exhausting but TOTALLY worth it.
  26. What's your most unforgettable experience of the game?
    Mobbing 10-20 Anolians and killing them while eyes closed and half-asleep. LOL
  27. Any tips/suggestions for those who are looking to create a forger?
    Kindly leave us a message at our Facebook page Muramasa Sengo so we could give you tips and suggestions personally.
Do you have questions for `Muramasa? Send it to us at fb.com/99porings

Xeltran Steel Wolves

September 5, 2017

We interviewed one of Xeltran Steel Wolves' guild master, XeltranLemuel, to help us better understand the reason behind their organization's existence.

  1. What is steel wolves?
    Xeltran Steelwolves Empire is a community and a group of players that comes from different era of the games since 1996.

    We are not just a gaming community. We are an international youth organization. XSE (Xeltran Steelwolves Empire) became affiliated toworldcarp.org (a theological group worldwide aiming to unite different beliefs practice religions and activities of youngsters with vision of “One Family Under God”).

    Xeltran Steelwolves Empire started before the dawn of Ragnarok Online in the Philippines from different games and activities.

    We are a non-profit community. We aim to unite gamers from different guilds and various games & activities whilst upholding friendship and camaraderie.
  2. What is SW's purpose?
    Xeltran Steelwolves Empire vision is to unite all gaming entities into one organization to share talents with another like a mentor and mentee relationship.

    Xeltran Steelwolves Empire also advocates leadership, teamwork, analytical and strategical thinking, and tactical forecasting on all walks of life, whether in-game or in real life.
  3. How did you become a steelwolves guildmaster?
    It started back in BalikRO year 2014 when the leader XeltranTheDredd contacted us (my guild) to be a part of steelwolves.
  4. What is your edge over other guilds?
    We spread out to different factions on different games and activities. But all the same, Xeltran Steelwolves Empire united new and old members. The members shared a special interest for the guild’s name. While the gaming community grew, camaraderie also flourished.

    Under its roots, Xeltran Steelwolves Empire expanded slowly and more affiliations grew with the mutual interest of other leaders of factions, organizations, guilds, clans, clubs, and the community as a whole.
  5. What is in steelwolves that can't be found on other guilds?
    A leader who is always there to help and guide. He is confident in giving his 100% TRUST and FAITH to us.
  6. Are your members new or there's some old members, too?
    There are new recruits and old members with us.
  7. How do you manage to contact the old members?
    We manage to contact our old members thru their Facebook accounts and email addresses.
  8. Why do members have Xeltran in their name?
    The Current Xeltran Steelwolves Empire main rule is to use Xeltran as a prefix IGN for easy identification on the mainframe database as legitimate Xeltran Steelwolves Empire. The Guild is admired and adored by a lot of people.

    Of course, there's some haters as well. As much as possible, Xeltran Steelwolves Empire won't entertain flames from other gamers or from the outside community. Conflicts within our community should be settled with civil and calm dialogue. We're here to have fun, chill and enjoy in whatever we do, not to add up stress.
  9. Any preparation/rituals before woe?
    2 hours before woe, all members must be online to assure the party setup and a day before woe generals discuss the strategy and tactics on a short meeting.
  10. Tactics during woe, any tips that you can share?
    Wolf Attack. Attack and defend our territory.
  11. Is there a castle that you need to conquer no matter what? why?
    Sorry, I cannot answer this because this is confidential to us. But I must say, we want to conquer all agits at all cost.
  12. After woe, what do you or your guild usually do?
    Talking about what happened in the woe and areas we need to improve.
  13. Do you celebrate when you conquered a castle? how?
    Of course, yes. We just celebrate in-game and thanking everyone that participated.
  14. What do you or your guild usually do when there's no woe?
    Eyeball, Party, Bonding and many more. 99Porings loves to party too!
  15. Any words for players aspiring to become a part of SW?
    We are open for new recruits and we are happy to accept those who are willing join our cause.
Do you have questions for XeltranLemuel? Send it to us at fb.com/99porings

RO Classic Guide

September 5, 2017

We interviewed the man behind RO Classic Guide and asked him questions on how the website started:

  1. What's the purpose behind the creation of RO-classic guide?
    I was already a Ragnarok fan from the start. Also, I want to prove to my parents that I can earn from gaming.
  2. Did you already have RO knowledge prior to creating the site?
    Yep. Must... know.... EVERYTHING.
  3. Who helped you create the site?
    One of my classmates, barkada(friend), and unexpectedly, even the fans themselves started helping me after showing my hard work.
  4. Any problems you encountered while creating the site?
    Ummmm... balancing work and games and website haha.
  5. How long it took you to finish the site and become accessible to the public?
    3 days binge work
  6. What are your future plans for the website? any guide you'd like to add?
    I want to finish at least the basics like stat builds etc, my future plans include creating a philantrophist community who can help me hit my goals in real life.
  7. Do you have any website partners? past, current, and prospect partners?
    Uhhhh, you? (99porings.com loves this answer very much) I always try to create relationships with other smartasses, if you want go fast you go alone, but if you want to go further, go together.
  8. What's your website's source of income?
    Coins.ph, Ads, EXCash, in descending order. They earn small amounts but, im planning to add more methods.
  9. How do you manage to accomodate 2 servers when giving out prizes? Do you have sponsors on prizes?
    Before, I use my own money. It is quite interesting that people actually are also interested to help you whem it comes to helping other people.
  10. What server you're playing in? why?
    Both, mainly loki, but i will go to woe in thor first after a few months.
  11. How can players reach you?
    Fan page, groups, website
  12. What's your overall experience of the game?
    The revo-classic game is a new game.
  13. Any tips that you can give to aspiring ragnarok guide makers?
    Haha, try to make guides that I have missed rather than compete with my info and tell me because im willing to link back to you. xD
Do you have questions for RO Classic Guide? Send it to us at fb.com/99porings