Frequently Asked Questions


Top 10 Forgers


1. Divine

2. Hako

3. EllenAdarna

4. Caspersky01

5. GodATK

6. Bigatla'

7. Xeltran

8. MoneyBoy2

9. Wayland

10. TitingGalit


1. `Muramasa

2. Puto

3. Krent`

4. BoostATK+100%


6. Kastigador

7. Platinum

8. SirMeliodas

9. Bloomingdales

10. Treant

Weapons created by these Blacksmiths will deal an extra +10 Mastery ATK damage.

Weapon Hierarchy

We used Claymore as our base model

1. Standard unslotted, non-elemental weapon -> Claymore[0]

2. VVVS weapon -> Very very very strong 99porings Claymore[0]
(VVVS gives +40 mastery ATK)

2.1 What is mastery ATK? Mastery ATK is just a flat amount added to your final damage, but is affected by elemental properties.

2.2 Very strong = +5 Mastery ATK
2.3 Very Very strong = +10 Mastery ATK
2.4 Very Very Very strong = +40 Mastery ATK

3. Carded weapon -> Double something Claymore[2] (+40% damage)
TIP: if the weapon's attack is less than 150, it's better to use zipper bear/Andre.

4. Elemental weapon -> Ice/Wind/Fire/Earth 99porings Claymore[0]
please take note that depending on monster's elemental property level, the damage increments are:
level 1 elemental property: +25%
level 2 elemental property: +50%
level 3 elemental property: +75%
level 4 elemental property: +100%

5. VVS Elemental weapon -> Very very strong 99porings Claymore[0] (This is just an elemental weapon that has an added +10 Mastery ATK)

6. VVVS Endowed -> Very Very Very strong 'elemental endowed' Claymore[0] (simply because of the +40 mastery atk)
TIP: Get a stem worm card because it drops 'Box of Storm' it's like an ice converter.

6. If you have the guts, the next in hierarchy is an upgraded or overupgraded VVS or VVVS weapon. (every refine gives 5atk for level3 weapon and is included in the computation of your final damage)

7. Endowed carded weapon -> Double something 'elemental endowed' Claymore[2]
Why?: +40% damage from card + elemental damage that can reach up to 100%

8. Upgraded or Overupgraded slotted weapon with endow.

Is there a big difference between ranked versus non-ranked weapons? None

Is there a big difference between VVS versus non-VVS weapons? None

Is it worth it to spend twice the price for ranked elementals? No

Is it worth it to spend twice the price for VVS elementals? No

Where are the wormtails? Pay_fild11
(from payon: 2 maps down, 1 map left)

Where should I farm to get rich? Magma dungeon

The weapon i refined broke at +1? There's no safe limit

A GM just talked to me, is this legit? No

Why is it lagging? There are lots of factors

Where is ROph server located? Singapore

I have fast internet but still lagging?
Use VPN and tunnel Singapore