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Revo Classic High Novice Guide

High Novice

Congratulations on reaching level 99! Next stop, High novice!

But what is a high novice?

High Novice is needed to reach Transcended Classes, and the process of changing into a high novice is called Rebirth.

They also have free 100 stat points

Requirements to rebirth

• Must be 2-1/2-2 class
• Must be level 99
• Must be job 50
• All skill points used
• All stat points used
• Must have 0 weight
• No items in inventory
• No equipped items
• No Cart/Falcon/Peco
• No
• Exactly 1,285,000 zeny

NOTE: If one of the condition is not met, you won't change to high novice

Rebirth Process

Step 1

Enter the sage guild in yuno

Step 2

Upon reaching the second hallway, go north and talk to Metheus Sylphe

Step 3

Go further north and talk to
Book of Ymir

Step 4

After the dialogue, Walk south and enter the portal

Step 5

Just follow the path..

Step 6

The next map is a maze. Keep walking until you find a spiral room

Step 7

Enter the center portal of the spiral room

Step 8

Walk to the center and click Heart of Ymir


This room is where you can change to trans second job.

Step 9

Enter north portal and talk to

High novice tips