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Revo Classic Creator Guide

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Getting rich is inevitable!

Whether you go battle or brewer will surely net you alot of income. From the brewer's in-demand potions up to the acid bombers insane damage, you're sure that you're on your way to richness.

Creator Build

NOTE: Availability of the items shown may vary per server

Acid Bomb Creator

Acid bomber build also known as 'Bomberman', is the evolution of alchemist's grenader build. With the combined power of demonstration and acid terror, acid bomb was born, a skill so destructive that it only takes a few seconds to kill boss monsters!

STR: 95
INT: 90
DEX: 0~50
VIT: 0~50

full support high priest skills

Item set 1
acid bomb creator ultimate item set 1


Item set 2
acid bomb creator ultimate item set 2


Item set 3
acid bomb creator ultimate item set 3


Item set 4
acid bomb creator ultimate item set 4


Acid Bomb Creator Tips

Pure Brewer Creator

The counterpart of pure forgers when it comes to item crafting, the brewer creators! This build is more focused on money making by crafting various potions that are always in high demand.

DEX: 99
LUK: 99
INT: 25

pure forger whitesmith skills

Item set 1
ultimate creator brewer item set 1


Pure Brewer Creator Tips