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Revo Classic Clown Gypsy Guide

clown and gypsy

Clown & Gypsy

The power of music!

Clown & Gypsy is the class to go to when you want to fully support your team mates, but don't get fooled, they are powerful enough to 1 shot an opponent under the right circumstances.

Clown & Gypsy Builds

NOTE: Availability of the items shown may vary per server

Battle Clown & Gypsy

Battle clown & gypsy is a build that could adapt on all types of battle environments due to their massive amount of supportive skills at their disposal.

DEX: 90~99
VIT: 70~90
AGI: 70~90

full support high priest skills

Item set 1
battle clown gypsy ultimate item set 1


Battle Clown & Gypsy Tips

Support Clown & Gypsy

Support clown/gypsy is far more dangerous than bard and dancer since they have the skill to break out from the restrictions of ensemble skills. When activated, they can cast another skill while in ensemble. They can also transfer half of their base stats to their desired target to empower them.

STR: 50~60
AGI: 50~60
VIT: 50~70
INT: 50~60
DEX: 50~60
LUK: 50~60

crit assassin cross skills

Item set 1
support clown gypsy ultimate item set 1


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