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  Revo-Classic Wizard Guide

Revo-Classic Wizard Guide

Wizards are powerful offensive magic users. They rely on dangerous magic strikes as well as devastating Area of Effect spells to wreak havoc. If you think mages are already dangerous, wait till you see a wizard.

Changing job to Wizard

Step 1 Step 2

Wizard guild is located at the center of Geffen. Once inside, walk north to see a staircase going up. Enter the portals until you get to the top floor.

Talk to the wizard guildsman behind the desk. She'll then ask you to collect a set of items. Return to her once you have all the items.

Set 1 Set 2

red gem x10

blue gem x10

yellow gem x10

crystal bluex5

green livex5

red bloodx5

wind of verdurex5

Step 3

Speak with the wizard on the lower left corner of the room. He'll then ask you 10 questions. Here are the possible set of questions he might ask. credits to iROwiki for the image

Step 4 Step 5

Once you answer his questions correctly, talk to him again and he'll warp you to a waiting room(battle test). Enter the chat room when you're ready.

There will be 3 rooms: Water room, Earth room, and Fire room. Use the corresponding counter element to finish quickly.

Note: If you are unable to pass this portion of the test, you can instead skip the test by making it to the water room's boss and failing five times. Once this is done, hand Gloomy Wizard a Worn Out Scroll(from Bongun) to automatically pass.

After passing the test, talk to the Wizard Guildsman again. He will change your job to Wizard.

Leveling spots

Geographers High Orcs Pyramid Clock tower Magma dungeon
Easy Easy Medium Medium Medium
• You can start off with Geographers since they're free hit with your casting range. • Once you have storm gust, look for a priest to party with and hunt high orcs.
• Use level 1 storm gust for fast cast then finish it off with jupiter thunder or thunder bolt.
• If your priest can tank, take him to pyramids and kill everything. Minorus are fire property and the others are undead. It's a win-win for you! • Cast level 1 storm gust to freeze the alarms then finish them off with your jupitel thunder. Rinse-Repeat-Level. There are also high orcs on the pink mark. • Get a priest that can tank and just spam your storm gust on this map! Move to level 2 for more challenge.
• Wear fire armor (pasana card)
Glash heim Turtle dungeon Nifflheim field Sphinx
Medium - Hard Medium - Hard Medium - Hard Medium - Hard
• If you can cast fast enough, then you can increase the level of your storm gust.
• Always remember that a frozen enemy is open for jupitel thunder.
• Raydrics, Evil druids, Wraiths, Anolians are famous monsters to hunt here.
• Another famous spot for high levels is the turtle dungeon. Monster density here is high, so you don't have to worry about running out of monsters to kill. Go to the next levels for more exp and monsters. • Another option is Nifflhein field 2. Undead monsters don't get frozen so you know that your stormgust's damage is maximized
• Be sure to have bathory/evil druid armor, to negate dark soul strike.
• Anubis is your main target here, and don't start here unless you have the appropriate equipments. It's exp is incredibly high, so don't pass up on this one.
• You can also enter the portal on the center if you want to level to pasanas.

Sample builds

Standard wizard
Wizards uses their various elemental skills to deal
maximum damage to their opponents,
the equipments they can wield have the highest MATK in game,
making them a destructive class.
• Various elemental magic
• Wide area skill coverage
• Skills can inflict status effect
• Vulnerable when casting
• Casting can be interrupted
• Squishy/Lowest HP among classes
Lower Limit
Upper Limit
90 INT: Magic damage, SP regen, SP pool
90 DEX: Cast time reduction
52 VIT/AGI: Survivability
• Invest in phen card
• Invest in overupgraded weapons
• Check monsters' elemental properties
• Frozen opponents become water property
• Stone cursed opponents become earth property
• Avoid getting frozen
• Wear marc carded armor
• Invest in high MDEF equips
• Wear demi-human resist items