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  Revo-Classic Priest Guide

Revo-Classic Priest Guide

Priests, one of acolyte's second job, is the perfect choice for those who wish to go the support route. But don't get fooled as they are notorious against undead and demon monsters. With their advanced skills, they are able to resurrect fallen comrades, protect them from harm, and bless their weapons. And do not forget that they can 1-shot undead monsters.

Changing job to Priest

Step 1 Step 2

Priest guild is located at the upper right corner of prontera.

Once inside, walk ahead and enter the portal on the left. Speak with bishop Paul to start the test

Step 3 Father Rubalkabara

He'll ask you to visit the ff:
Father Rubalkabara
Mother Marthilda
Father Yosuke

They have to be visited in sequence. Otherwise, they will refuse your visit.
Mother Marthilda Father Yosuke
Step 4 Step 5

After visiting the NPCs, return to bishop Paul and he'll warp you to the next test room. You should finish the next 3 test in 5 minutes or you'll fail.

Test 1: Kill all the zombies
Test 2: Avoid Temptation(just refuse to everything the monsters will tell you)
Test 3: Reach the end of the room as fast as you can

After finishing bishop Paul's test, speak with sister Cecilia who's standing beside the portal. She'll interview you and you just need to answer positively. Once you pass, speak with bishop Paul to become priest.

Leveling spots

Geographers High Orcs Pyramid Beach dungeon Clock tower
Easy Easy Medium - Hard Medium - Hard Medium - Hard
• Grab a archer or hunter then take them to geo! It will benefit both of you! • High orcs give high exp to fresh second jobs. Be sure to take advantage of this. • Pyramids offer great exp with great drops. Just be alert so you can save your party members. • Look for an assassin to party with and then hunt some stalactic golems. It's a literal leech to you since assassins have high flee and won't be getting much damage. • Alarms drop clip[1] which is a valuable equipment. Party up with a wizard then start mobbing to maximize your leveling potential. There are also high orcs on the pink indicator.
Magma dungeon Glash heim Turtle dungeon Nifflheim field Sphinx
Medium - Hard Medium - Hard Medium - Hard Medium - Hard Medium - Hard
• Magma dungeon, the holy grail of zeny makers. Grab a knight with a bowling bash and see your exp bar explode!
• Wear fire armor (pasana card)
• Party up with a wizard and raid GH castle, this map has high density so you're sure that every storm gust of your party mate is worth it.
• You can also party up with a hunter and hunt raydrics at GH chivalry.
• If you have melee party member, be sure to aspersio them.
• Another famous spot for high levels is the turtle dungeon. Monster density here is high, so you don't have to worry about running out of monsters to kill. Go to the next levels for more exp and monsters. • Get a wizard then start mobbing. Undead monsters don't get frozen so you know that your party mate's stormgust is maximized
• Be sure to have bathory/evil druid armor, to negate dark soul strike.
• Be sure that you can tank!
• Anubis is your main target here, get an archer and start hunting. It's exp is incredibly high, so don't pass up on this one.
• Be sure to have bathory/evil druid armor, to negate dark soul strike.
• You can also enter the portal on the center if you want to level to pasanas.

Sample builds

Full Support ME Priest
Full support is the standard build for priests because of their supporting abilities. They have the means to keep their party members alive and give them stat boosting buffs. You can never go wrong with a full support priest!
Before monks, ME Priests are considered to be the ultimate boss hunters. Most high level bosses before are either demon or undead that's why they are the most sought after class when hunting down bosses like Baphomet or Dark Lord
• Easy to level
• Priests are in demand
• Various stat boosting skills
• Can solo level
• Can still function as a support
• ME is 10 hits per wave for 5 waves, for a total of 50 hits
• No offensive skills
• Usually a high priority target in PVP/GVG
• Less supportive skills
• Casting can be interrupted
Lower Limit
Upper Limit
90 INT: Healing power, SP regen, SP pool
90 VIT: Survivability, HP, DEF
52 DEX: Casting time reduction
90 DEX: Magnus build needs to be fast cast
90 INT: Increases magnus damage
52 VIT: Survivability, HP, DEF
• Warp service!
• Always attend boss hunts
• Holy light can disable Kyrie
• Don't forget to bring blue gems
• Keep track of your party members
• Use Lex Aeterna before monks use asura
• Keep track of your skill's cooldown and delay
• Wear phen carded accessory
• Don't forget to bring blue gems
• Use sanctuary to push away undead monsters
• You can use Lex Aeterna after ME's second wave
• Safety wall + Kyrie + Sanctuary for maximum defense
• Wear status inflicting armor to disable monsters that are not demon and undead
• Isolate them from their party • Don't wear evil druid carded armor