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  Revo-Classic Knight Guide

Revo-Classic Knight Guide

The Knight class is the primary second job for the Swordman class. Being a hack and slash type of character, Knights are granted access to a new mastery that will open a new type of weapon to wield aside from the Swordman's swords. They are also allowed to acquire powerful AoE skills like the famed Bowling Bash and the spear exclusive skill, Brandish Spear.

Changing job to Knight

Step 1 Step 2

Knight guild is located at the upper left corner of prontera.

Speak with chivalry captain Herman to begin the test.

Step 3 Item set 1 Item set 2

Speak with Sir Andrew and he'll give you a list of items to collect. Speak to him again once you are done.

Elder Pixie's Moustache x 5

Wing of Red Bat x 5

Orcish Voucher x 5

Moth Dust x 5

Reptile Tongue x 5

Mane x 5

Bug Legx 5

Heart of Mermaidx 5

Snail's shellx 5

Clam Fleshx 5

Old Frying Panx 5

Maneater Blossomx 5

Step 4 Step 5

Speak with Sir Siracuse. He will ask questions pertaining to the Knight class. If you fail it the first time, speak to him again to re-take the test.

Question Answer
1. Weapon unaffected by Twohand Quicken Flamberge
2. Skill not required for Bowling Bash Provoke Level 10
3. Option not necessary for Brandish Spear Spear Boomerang
4. Weapon unaffected by Twohand Quicken Zephyrus
5. The correct amount 80%
6. You should tell the novice about a Hunting area
7. In the front of a battle you should protect everyone
8. The most important value of a Knight honor

Speak with Sir Windsor and he'll transport you to the waiting room.

Step 6 Step 7

Enter the chatroom to proceed.

There are three rounds of fighting monsters. In each stage, different monsters will spawn. Before beginning this test, ensure you are fully prepared.

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3

Andre x2

Argos x2

Deniro x2

Dustiness x2

Piere x2

Frilldora x2

Desert Wolf x2

Drainliar x4

Anacondaq x4

7 goblins
Step 8 Step 9

Speak with Lady Amy Beatrice and she will ask you 10 questions, answer at least 8 question correctly to pass this test.

NOTE: some questions have two correct answers:

1. 'Open a chatroom and wait' or 'Look for people seeking Knights'
2. 'Check out the area and plan ahead' or 'Lead the party slowly at the front'
3. 'Keep the monsters from reaching your party' or 'Defend while the party retreats'
4. Ask your party's Priest to help
5. 'Give it to who deserves it the most' or 'Decide with party who gets it'
6. 'Open a chat room and wait' or 'Inquire if there is anyone that is interested'
7. Give suggestions for a place to hunt
8. 'Tell the person how to reach the exit' or 'Lead the person to the exit'
9. Would it be possible to get a heal please?
10. 'Ask around to find the owner' or 'Simply walk by'

Speak with Sir Edmund for the fifth test. He'll warp you to a map with weak monsters. Just wait for a few minutes and you'll pass if you don't kill the monsters

Step 10 Step 11

Speak with Sir Grey. This test is more like a general interview before you become a knight. Nearly any answer can be selected and he will simply try to persuade the player to answer differently. Just select answers that portray a friendly, altruistic person.

Speak to chivalry captain Herman to get promoted to Knight

Leveling spots

High orcs Byalan Pyramid Beach dungeon Clock tower
Easy - Medium Easy - Medium Medium - Hard Medium - Hard Medium - Hard
• At this point, you should be able to kill a high orc. Start off with this map if you're looking for easy levels. • If you're taking it easy and don't want to spend for potions, you can start with byalan 3 then go deeper as you level. • Pyramids offer great exp with great drops. Just be careful if you're low level, minorous casts hammerfall and heaven's drive which can lead to your death once it hits. • If you think you're tough enough, why not try stalactic golems? they give high exp and drop various ores which can be sold to a blacksmith.
• Stalactic golems can cast stun attack, so be sure to have enough vit, stun resist, or flee equips to survive.
• Alarms drop clip[1] which is a valuable equipment. You can hunt here if you have enough Def and HP since monsters here are aggressive and can mob you. There are also high orcs on the pink indicator.
• Alarms can cast blind on you, so don't forget to bring blind resist items.
Magma dungeon Glash heim Turtle dungeon Nifflheim field Sphinx
Medium - Hard Medium - Hard Medium - Hard Medium - Hard Medium - Hard
• Magma dungeon, the holy grail of zeny makers. Once you have your area damage skill(bowling, brandish) you can transfer here. Be sure you can mob and bring lots of potions.
• Wear fire armor (pasana card)
• Once you're approaching high level, you can go to GH. this map offers lots of leveling spots for different classes. The most famous spots here are the churchyard, gl_knt, castle, anolians, and so much more. Be sure to explore this map. • Another famous spot for high levels is the turtle dungeon. Monster density here is high, so you don't have to worry about running out of monsters to kill. Go to the next levels for more exp and monsters. • Another high level spot is Nifflheim field 2. Each of the mobs here have fair amount of exp, and monster density is good.
• Be sure to have bathory/evil druid armor, to negate dark soul strike.
• Anubis is your main target here, the exp you can get from a single anubis is 28,000 base exp and 22,000 job exp. This exp is incredibly high, so don't pass up on this one.
• Be sure to have bathory/evil druid armor, to negate dark soul strike.
• You can also enter the portal on the center if you want to mob Pasanas.

Sample builds

Agi - Two handed sword Vit - Spear
Agi knights, known for their speed and power, are built to take down high level monsters especially bosses. This class is equipped with skills that can increase attack speed and totally ignore physical normal attacks.
Vit knights are the frontline of the party and can take unimaginable damage that other class can't. But don't get fooled, this knight is built to destroy large size monsters, including bosses.
• Highest HP among classes
• Two-hand quicken increases ASPD greatly
• Auto counter ignores normal physical attacks
• Highest HP among classes
• Can take massive burst damage
• High regen from potions and heal
• Flee is ignored when mobbed
• Bowling bash requires positioning
• Low resistance from status effects
• Consumes a lot of potions
• One hand spears have low ATK
• Slow attack speed due to aspd penalty of spears
Lower Limit
Upper Limit
80 STR
74 AGI
50 VIT
60 DEX
Level 99 Stats:
This has better allocation of stats
rather than maxing a stat to 99
90 STR
85 VIT
60 DEX
Level 99 Stats:
This has better allocation of stats
rather than maxing a stat to 99
• Learn how gutterlines work
• Always bring berkserk potions
• Use auto counter to ignore attacks
• Always bring potions
• Invest in high def equipments
• Pierce is best used on large monsters
• Strip/Break their weapon
• Auto counter do not ignore skills
• Decrease agi cancels two-hand quicken
• Strip/Break their weapon and armor
• Decrease agi further slows their attack speed
• Use elemental endowed weapon to cancel raydric card's effect