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  Revo-Classic Crusader Guide

Revo-Classic Crusader Guide

Crusaders also known as the holy knight, is a versatile class as they can be anything you want them to be. They can be a heavy physical or magical damager, a support, or a tank. If you can get the skills and stats right, they can be a knight-wizard-priest class all at once! They also excel in hunting down undead/demon/shadow monsters as they have access to powerful holy element skills.

Changing job to Crusader

Step 1 Step 2

Enter the prontera castle and move two portals up. From there, walk to the left and enter the portal. Find Senior Crusader and talk to him

You'll be asked to collect one of the following item sets. Bring chivalry emblem and hand of god to skip this test.

Step 3 Step 4

Equip a unslotted rosary and talk to Man in Anguish. He can be found at the basement of Prontera Castle (From the Entrance of the castle, turn right and enter the portal going downstairs)

You will then be warped to a map with the monsters: Mandragora, Flora, Greatest General and Familiar. You need to reach the end of the room without attacking the monsters. Use Endure.

Step 5 Step 6

Visit Gabriel Valentine in the Prontera Church for your next test.

Gabriel Valentine will ask you 10 questions and you need to answer 8 correctly to pass. After passing this test, she will ask you to speak with Bliant Piyord

Step 7 Step 8

Speak with Bliant Piyord to start the battle test(he's at the same room as the Senior Crusader) Equip a rosary and bring holy water to enter the test room. If you fail, you will need another holy water to re-enter.

After passing Bliant Piyord's test, speak again to Senior Crusader and he'll promote you to a Crusader

Leveling spots

High orcs Byalan Pyramid / Sphinx Beach dungeon Clock tower
Easy - Medium Easy - Medium Easy - Medium Medium Medium - Hard
At this point, you should be able to kill a high orc. Start off with this map if you're looking for easy levels. If you're taking it easy and don't want to spend for potions, you can start with byalan 3 then go deeper as you level. By this time, you should've unlocked your holy property skills. This map is the best way to test it out since there are undead and demon monsters here. • For agi types, why not try stalactic golems? they give high exp and drop various ores which can be sold to a blacksmith.
• Stalactic golems can cast stun attack, so be sure to have enough vit, stun resist, or flee equips to survive.
• Alarms drop clip[1] which is a valuable equipment. You can hunt here if you have enough Def and HP since monsters here are aggressive and can mob you.
• Alarms can cast blind on you, use cure.
• The downside is that monsters here are neutral element and you won't fully maximize your skills' element.
Magma dungeon 2 Glast heim Turtle dungeon Nifflheim field Sphinx
Medium - Hard Medium - Hard Medium - Hard Medium - Hard Medium - Hard
• Magma dungeon, the holy grail of zeny makers. Once you have your area damage skill(Grand Cross) you can transfer here. Be sure you can mob and bring lots of potions.
• Wear fire armor (pasana card)
Once you're approaching high level, you can go to GH. this map offers lots of leveling spots for different classes. As a crusader, you can get the most out of your skills at Chrurchyard, Castle, and Chivalry. Another famous spot for high levels is the turtle dungeon. Monster density here is high, so you don't have to worry about running out of monsters to kill. Go to the next levels for more exp and monsters. • Another high level spot is Nifflheim field 2. Each of the mobs here have fair amount of exp, and monster density is good.
• Be sure to have bathory/evil druid armor, to negate dark soul strike.
• Anubis is your main target here, the exp you can get from a single anubis is 28,000 base exp and 22,000 job exp. This exp is incredibly high, so don't pass up on this one.
• Be sure to have bathory/evil druid armor, to negate dark soul strike.
• You can also enter the portal on the center if you want to mob Pasanas.

Sample builds

Holy Crossader Grand Crossader(lol) Shield Offensive Support
Agi spear crusaders rely on attack speed above all, this is due to their spear quicken skill which increases their aspd and crit by 30%. Combine it with holy cross and you got yourself a holy machine gun.
Grandcrossaders as we like call them, is a build that should not be looked down upon. This build excels in holy property area burst, capable of eliminating mobs of monsters especially undead and demons.
They say that offense is the best defense, what if we look at it the other way? The answer? Shield crusaders! They use shields to activate their defensive and offensive skills which makes them a deadly tank.
Support crusaders specializes in absorbing damage that an ally should take. This is possible due to their skill Devotion, combine it with their other defensive skills and you've got yourself an invulnerable party.
• High aspd and crit
• High HP even with no vit
• Best versus undead monsters
• Can heal themselves
• Massive holy AoE burst
• Best versus undead monsters
• Perfect defensive skills
• Have access to ranged skill
• Best versus squishy opponents
• Fast cast
• Can tank heavy damage
• Makes party members invulnerable
• Weak versus holy monsters
• Consumes tons of blue potions
• Spear quicken is a spear locked skill
• GC inflicts damage to self
• Weak versus holy monsters
• Consumes tons of white potions
• Mediocre damage
• Can be countered by pneuma
• Shield weight affects skill's damage
• Consumes tons of white potions
• Should be able to keep up with the damage the members are receiving.
Lower Limit
Upper Limit
90 STR: Attack damage
70 AGI: Attack speed
52 VIT: Survivability, HP, DEF
50 DEX/LUK: Hit/Crit rate
80 STR: Grand cross damage
80 INT: Grand cross damage
53 VIT: Survivability, HP, DEF
50 DEX: Casting time reduction
90 STR: Shield boom damage
50 AGI: Attack speed
50 VIT: Survivability, HP, DEF
50 DEX: Hit, additional damage
44 LUK: Additional damage
9 STR: Weight limit increase
99 VIT: Survivability, HP, DEF
99 DEX: Casting time reduction
• Bring extra spear
• Use bash versus holy property
• Keep your skills/potions in check
• Get a priest to party with
• Use pots everytime you GC
• Stay away from holy property
• Use Tamruan card
• Use ranged damage increase cards
• Use shield charge if there's pneuma
• Always bring pots
• Always re-cast devotion, don't wait for the skill's duration to end
• Wear holy armor
• Strip/Break their weapon
• Agi builds have few status resistance
• Strip their shield
• Wear holy armor
• Wear demi-human resist items
• Use pneuma
• Strip their shield
• Beware of shield charge's stun
• Strip their shield
• Kill the devo crusader first
• Dispell their support crusader