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  Revo-Classic Blacksmith Guide

Revo-Classic Blacksmith Guide

Blacksmiths are based off raw physical power, and even have the highest melee damage among the other 2nd classes. A Battle Blacksmith's main skills revolve around the theme of self-buffing to increase damage, whilst a weapon forger focuses on forging stats and skills for an easy zeny.

Changing job to Blacksmith

Step 1 Step 2

Blacksmith guild is located at the lower right corner of geffen.

Talk to Altiregen (the guildsman behind the desk), to start the job change quest.

Step 3

Visit Geschupenschte in the Alberta weapon shop and answer his 10 questions correctly. Here are the possible set of questions he may give you.

Set 1 Set 2
1. Which region is matched incorrectly with its specialty item?
Alberta - Swordmace
1. Which region is matched incorrectly with its specialty item?
Aldebaran- Hammer
2. What status can be inflicted with the Hammer Fall skill?
2. How much Zeny is one Jellopy worth?
3. Which skill cannot be performed by a Merchant?
Increase AGI
3. What is required for a Merchant to use the vending skill?
Must Have a Cart
4. Where can you find a store that sells Blue Gemstones?
4. Where can you change your Job to become a Merchant?
5. Where is the Tool Dealer located in Geffen?
8 o'clock direction from the town square
5. Where is the Weapons Dealer located in Morroc?
5 o'clock direction from the town square
6. Which weapon cannot be used by a Merchant?
6. What weapon can a Merchant not use?
7. Which has the highest defense rate?
Mink Coat
7. Which one of the following has the highest defense rates?
Mink Coat
8. For Level 3 weapons, what is the Safe limit for upgrading?
up to +5
8. For level 4 weapons, what is the safe limit for upgrading?
Up to +4
9. What item can be made using the Trunks item?
9. What monster does NOT drop Iron Ore?
10. The most important part of being a Merchant is...?
10. The most important part of being a Merchant is...?
Any answer

After answering the questions, he will then ask you to bring him some stuff.
These items will be forged into a weapon and you will be asked to deliver the item to Bismarc.
Items Location

Iron x8

Green herb x20

Animal skinx2

Ring pommel saberx1

Step 5 Step6

You will then receive a voucher after giving the item to bismarc. Bring this to Geschupenschte at alberta then head back to Geffen and speak with Altiregen.

Altiregen will ask you to speak with Mitmayer whom is located at morocc. Mitmayer will then ask you 5 questions.

Question set 1 Question set 2
1. What ability is required to learn the Discount skill?
Level 3 Enlarge Weight
1. Which of the following monsters drops Steel?
Skel Worker
2. When you attack with Hammerfall, what status effect can you inflict on enemies?
2. Which of the following stones can be made from Red Bloods?
Flame Heart
3. How much Zeny is spent when attacking with the mastered Mammonite Skill? (Level 10)
1000 Zeny
3. Which of the following stones do you have the most of in your Kafra Storage?
You should know this one
4. What is the discount rate when the Discount skill is mastered?
4. In general, which of the following properties receives the most damages from Wind attribute weapon?
Water property
5. What is the maximum percent that you can overcharge items sold to NPC's after mastering the Overcharge skill?
5. How many Iron Ore is required to make 1 Steel?
Step 7

You will receive a Hammer of blacksmith from Mitmayer if you answered all the questions correctly. Head back to Altiregen and he'll promote you to blacksmith.

Leveling spots

High orcs Byalan Pyramids basement 1 Pyramids 4 Clock tower
Easy - Medium Easy - Medium Medium - Hard Medium Medium - Hard
• At this point, you should be able to kill a high orc. Start off with this map if you're looking for easy levels. • If you're taking it easy and don't want to spend for potions, you can start with byalan 3 then go deeper as you level. • Pyramids offer great exp with great drops. Just be careful if you're low level, minorous casts hammerfall and heaven's drive which can lead to your death once it hits. • Another great spot is at pyramids level 4. Here, you can kill Isis, Matyrs, Mimic, and Mummy, all of which drops useful items. • Alarms drop clip[1] which is a valuable equipment. You can hunt here if you have enough Def, HP, or flee since monsters here are aggressive and can mob you. There are also high orcs on the pink indicator.
• Alarms can cast blind on you, so don't forget to bring blind resist items.
Magma dungeon Glash heim Turtle dungeon Nifflheim field Sphinx
Medium - Hard Medium - Hard Medium - Hard Medium - Hard Medium - Hard
• Magma dungeon, the holy grail of zeny makers. Once you have your area damage skill(Cart revolution) you can transfer here. Be sure you can mob and bring lots of potions.
• Wear fire armor (pasana card)
• Once you're approaching high level, you can go to GH. this map offers lots of leveling spots for different classes. The most famous spots here are the churchyard, gl_knt, castle, anolians, and so much more. Be sure to explore this map. • Another famous spot for high levels is the turtle dungeon. Monster density here is high, so you don't have to worry about running out of monsters to kill. Go to the next levels for more exp and monsters. • Another high level spot is Nifflheim field 2. Each of the mobs here have fair amount of exp, and monster density is good.
• Be sure to have bathory/evil druid armor, to negate dark soul strike.
• Anubis is your main target here, the exp you can get from a single anubis is 28,000 base exp and 22,000 job exp. This exp is incredibly high, so don't pass up on this one.
• Be sure to have bathory/evil druid armor, to negate dark soul strike.
• You can also enter the portal on the center if you want to mob Pasanas.

Sample builds

Battle Smith Pure Forger
Battlesmiths are known to be naturally lethal due to their attack boosting skills. They also have the ability to get ores from monsters they kill. This includes oridecon, elunium, gold, etc..
Forgers are focused more on the game's economics since they are a money making class. They have the ability to craft elemental weapons which sells for a profit.
• Natural fire resistance
• Can get rare ores from normal monsters
• High aspd and damage / Cart revo don't miss
• Money making class / Easy to earn zeny
• Your 12 oridecon can turn into 3 million zennies!
• Essential materials like oridecon and steel are cheap
• Limited offensive skills
• Agi builds are easily affected by status effects
• Mammonite is only single target and cost 1k zeny to use
• Hard to reach high levels
• No other way to level than leeching
• Needs to be high level before you can have stable profit
Lower Limit
Upper Limit
90 STR
70 AGI
52 VIT
50 DEX
Level 99 Stats:
This is a versatile build
due to high aspd and high HP.
Agi and vit are interchangeable
99 DEX
99 LUK
Level 99 Stats:
DEX and LUK affects forging
success rate at .1% per stat
• Stay aggressive
• Keep your skills/potions in check
• Get your weapons endowed to bypass raydric card
• Get leeched
• Hunt your own materials
• Start forging level 1 weapons and work your way up to level 3
• Strip/Break their weapon
• Agi builds have few status resistance
• Wear demi-human damage reduction equipments
• Keep magma dungeon crowded
• Stop them from being in the top 10 forger
• Hoard all the oridecons and control it's price

Forging Guide

1. Prepare the correct materials for the weapon you're going to forge. List of weapon materials are listed below.

2. Be sure that you have the following hammers:

    • Iron Hammer: For level 1 weapons
    • Golden Hammer: For level 2 weapons
    • Oridecon Hammer: For level 3 weapons

3. Make sure that you have an anvil in your inventory. Without an anvil, you won't be able to forge. Best anvil for forging is which can be obtained from Old blue box.

4. Double click the hammer and a window will appear. Select the weapon you'd like to forge from the list.

5. Click 'OK' and another window will appear. Drag the elemental stones to the forging window and press 'OK' to start forging.

Elemental Stones:
Flame Heart - Fire element
Mytisc Frozen - Water Element
Rough Wind - Wind element
Great Nature - Earth element
Warning: You can only use one elemental stone per forge. It you put 2 elemental stones, it will fail automatically.

Forging Combinations:
1 Star crumb + 1 Elemental stone = Very strong elemental weapon(+5 Mastery ATK)
2 Star crumb + 1 Elemental stone = Very Very strong elemental weapon(+10 Mastery ATK)
3 Star crumb = Very Very Very strong non-elemental weapon(+40 Mastery ATK)

• What is mastery ATK? Mastery ATK is just a flat amount added to your final damage, but is affected by elemental properties.

• Forging enough level 3 weapons will put you into the top 10 forgers. Those who are on top 10 will have an additional +10 mastery ATK in the weapons they forge. Type /blacksmith to see the list.

Credits to Magix for the images