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  Novice Guide

Let's get started!

stat dish

Noticed this when you were creating your character? this is called a stat dish and this is where you set your character's starting stats.

strength vitality luck intelligence dexterity agility
melee physical damage HP and DEF critical rate magical damage ranged physical damage/casting time attack speed and evation

To know more about stats, click HERE

Sample Builds!

Tank Agi / Ranged Magic Caster Support
builds builds builds builds

novice avatar

Once you successfully created a character, you'll start off as a novice in the novice training grounds. It is the starting point for all characters and this is where you'll learn the game's basics. If you're new to Ragnarok Online, we suggest that you read everything the NPC(Non-Player Character) has to say.

novice move

At this point, our only goal is to reach job level 10,
since changing to first job requires a job level 10 novice.


STEP 1: Upon entering the game, you'll see Sprakki infront of you. Talk to her and she'll teach you the basic controls of the game. She'll also instruct you to talk to her again once you've enter the castle beyond the bridge.

sprakki 2

STEP 2: Enter the castle and you'll see her again. Talk to her and you'll be given an option to Begin the training or to Start the game right away.

Note: Always choose Begin the training since it's easier to reach job level 10 this way than starting the game right away. Plus you'll receive tons of freebies.


STEP 3: Once you begin the training, you'll spawn infront of Brade. Talk to him and he'll give you some items.

REWARDS: Novice equipments item reward item reward item reward item reward item reward

500 novice potions red pots

Note: Check your free equips by pressing ALT + E then clicking the Gear tab. Double click an item to equip it, right click to view item description. Once you equipped all the items he gave you, talk to him again and he'll give you additional items. He'll also tell you to talk to Jinha.

Note: To check your equipped items, press ALT + Q. You'll also see your stats below the equipment window.    


STEP 4: Jinha is located at the top right corner of the room. Talk to him and he'll teach you the skill First Aid.
REWARDS: First aid skill first aid

item reward

STEP 5: Talk to Brade again, and he'll give you this.

Note: This item's defense is at par with high end equipments. You better use it.


STEP 5: Enter the portal on the left side and you'll see a group of NPCs. Talk to them and you'll be warped to the training field

REWARDS: Kafra tickets tickets

Note: You'll need to talk to them by order (Chocolat, Kafra, Zonda, Soldier, and finally back to Chocolat) for you to proceed.

STEP 6: Once on the training field, talk to Brade to receive 100 red potions. Kill 1 poring then to talk him again to receive a new weapon. After this, each dialogue with him heals you for 9999 HP.


STEP 7: Walk a little bit to the north and you'll see these NPCs. Talk to those with a green arrow on them and select Quest. Once you've completed the quest, talk to them again and select Quest to receive the reward.

Note: You can view your quest by pressing ALT + U or by pressing this buttonquest button

TIPS: These NPCs are job representatives and you can try their job's skills by talking to them and choosing About. You'll be given a brief description about the class and a Job Manual after the dialogue.

job sample

A job manual sample

Note: All job manuals have the same description. Upon receiving the manual, all of your equips will be removed. Just re-equip them again along with the manual and you're good to go.

sample skills

Note: Once equipped, you'll receive the skills of the corresponding job you want to try. Skill window can be opened by pressing ALT + S then clicking on the Misc tab. Skill icons along with some items can be dragged to the shortcut window for ease of use.

skill window

Swordman Thief Merchant Mage
Hunt 2 Pickys Hunt 5 Willows Bring back 300 zeny by selling loots
to the female merchant
Hunt 5 Lunatics

Novice quest list

job level

All quest finished!

STEP 8: Once you completed all the quests, you'd be around job level 8. Continue hunting monsters, especially Spores to reach job level 10.



job 10

STEP 9: At job level 10, you're ready to change to your first job! Talk to one of the job representatives and choose Job change, you'll then be warped to their corresponding location to take the job change test.