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  Revo-Classic Thief Guide

Revo-Classic Thief Guide

Thieves are speed demons that are a force to reckon with. Swift and powerful, only few can keep up with their attack speed and power, coupled with their naturally high flee and double attack, thieves are the perfect killing machine.

Standard Builds!


Changing job to Thief

Step 1 Step 2

Thief guild is located at the center of Pyramids. Follow the lines to reach it quickly.

Talk to thief guide. She'll then tell you to find Mr. Irrelevant.

Step 3 Step 4

Mr. Irrelevant can be found at the marker indicated on the map. Talk to him and he'll warp you to the mushroom field

Hunt mushrooms and go back once you reach 25 points:

Orange net mushroom - 3 points

Orange gooey mushroom - 1 point

Step 5

Talk to comrade(beside thief guide) once you collected 25 points worth of mushrooms and he'll turn you into a Thief

Quest Skills

Aside from your default skills, you can also obtain class specific skills through questing. Here are the quest skills that you can get as a Thief:

Sand attack Leather bag of Infinity Back sliding Pick stone Throw Stone


Bag Seller





Job level 25

x5 Fine grit

x1 Leather bag of infinity


x1 Cobweb

x1 Cactus needle

x1 Earthworm peeling


Job level 35

x20 Grashopper's leg


Job level 20

x1 Zargon

x1 Bear's footskin

x5 Spawn


Job level 15

x2 Garlet

x2 Scell

Leveling spots

Culverts Morroc field / Anthell Byalan / Orcs Mystcase / Sandman Mjolnir field / Ayothaya
Easy Easy - Medium Medium Medium - Hard Medium - Hard
Unlike swordsman and merchant, you can't just stay here till job 40 since thieves don't have area attack or burst damage. Get your first few job levels here then transfer. This map is perfect for thieves since they specialize in one-on-one combat. Mobs here aren't aggressive so you don't have to worry about wasting pots. Careful with anthell though. Once you have enough flee, you can start hunting on these maps. Be careful though since most of the monsters here are aggressive. If you're looking for a different place to hunt, these maps are perfect for you. Hunt mystcase in toy factory and sandman on morroc field. Nice loots, nice exp. Argiope drop boots[1] which costs a fortune, you can hunt while leveling. If you're aiming for job 50, hunt leaf cats at Ayothaya.
• Kill spores and tarous for fast leveling. You can go deeper and hunt poison spores and male thief bugs, be careful as they're aggressive.

• Prioritize agi and dex(or luk if you're aiming for crit) since you can buy high damage weapons from NPC.
• Same technique as culverts

• At early levels, focus on Muka first, then to hode when you have enough flee.
• go straight to byalan3

• Byalan loots are in demand! Save your loots and look for players buying them.

• Agi type characters are usually advantageous here due to slow monster attacks and their low accuracy.
• Myst case drop various stuff that can make you rich! Be sure to pick all loots!

• Be careful getting mobbed with sandman and bring fire weapon if it's within budget.

• Not to worry, since you're dominant in one on one combat, just avoid getting mobbed.
• Be careful with getting poisoned by Argiope. Move away once you see it casting. Always keep your backslide and detoxify ready.

• Avoid getting mobbed.

• Leafcats are easy to kill. It's a relax leveling spot.

Sample builds

Agi Thief Luk Thief
Lower Limit (Same equips)
Upper Limit
Skills (Same skills)