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  Revo-Classic Swordsman Guide

Revo-Classic Swordsman Guide

Swordsman are usually the frontliners of the party and can take huge amount of damage. This holds true especially at higher levels. A swordsman excels in frontline combat whether it be tanking or dealing damage.

Standard Builds!

Agi Vit

Changing job to swordsman

Step 1 Step 2

If you came from novice training grounds, you'll be warped directly to the swordsman guild via the representative. If not, the guild can be found at the left side of Izlude.

Talk to the swordsman to start the job change quest.

Step 3 Step 4

Enter the portal at the right side of the room and talk to Aaron. Leave the room once you're done talking.

On the left side of the room, you'll see another swordsman. Talk to him and you'll get warped to the training room.

Step 5 Step 6

Talk to the swordsman behind the desk to know more about the job change test.

Talk to the test hall staff to start the test.

Time for test!

The test consists of obstacles that you must pass through without falling off the bridge. Once you complete the test, Talk to the swordsman from step 2 and he'll promote you to a swordsman.

Quest Skills

Aside from your default skills, you can also obtain class specific skills through questing. Here are the quest skills that you can get as a swordsman:

Fatal blow Moving HP Recovery Auto Berserk





Job level 25

level 5 Bash

x10 Fire arrow

x10 Silver arrow

x1 Banana juice

x30 Tentacles

x5 Royal jelly


Job level 35

x200 Empty bottle

x1 Moth wings


Job level 30

x35 Powder of Butterfly

x10 Horrendous mouth

x10 Decayed nail

x10 Honey

Leveling spots

Culverts Morroc field Byalan Orcs High Orcs
Easy - Medium Easy - Medium Medium - Hard Medium - Hard Hard
Culverts is the go-to for early levels. Even if this is the case, you can stay here until job 40 since it's offers more exp as you go deeper. Just like culverts, the technique here is the same and there's ton of loots too! If you're looking for more adventure, check byalan out! Lots of rare items to get here and lots of people to party with. This is where leveling gets serious. Orcs deal high damage but they give high exp. Be sure to bring potions. Forget leaf cats! If you have access to ESBs, then this is your paradise. Be sure to get your quest skills, then bash them orcs!
• Rush to get magnum break and start mobbing since monsters here are weak to fire.

• Focus on vit and dex, then prioritize buying a strong NPC weapon.

• With this technique, you'll have high hp, high def, high dex, and high damage.
• Same technique as culverts

• Save the loots and sell it to a player.
• Start with the first map, then work your way to deeper levels.

• Byalan loots are in demand! Save your loots and look for players buying them.

• Agi type characters are usually advantageous here due to slow monster attacks and their low accuracy.
• You have 2 options here, either roam the field and kill orcs, or go inside the orc dungeon.

• Avoid orc lady at lower levels. They have fast aspd and high damage.
• High orc only has 6.8k HP. It only takes 5-6 bashes to kill one.

• Keep your potions in check and re-supply once it ran out.

• If you have a low hp pool, just use pots everytime a high orc's attack hit you.

Sample builds

Agi Swordsman Vit Swordsman
Lower Limit
Upper Limit