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  Revo-Classic Mage Guide

Revo-Classic Mage Guide


Mages rely on their skills as their main source of damage, and such attacks are magically based and only take into account the target's Magical Defense, and not their Physical Defense. Furthermore, all of a Mage's spells are elemental. This means that the correct use of spell is highly important.

Standard Builds!

int build

Changing job to Mage

Step 1 Step 2

Enter the Mage guild that is located at the upper left side of Geffen.

mage guildsman Talk to the mage guildsman to start your quest. She will then ask you to mix a solution for her.

Step 3

The solutions guide book is the bookcase at the right against the wall.

solution table
Payon Solution Morocc Solution
payon solution

Payon solution can be bought from Dollshoi outside the payon cave

moroc solution

Morocc solution can be bought from Ponka-Hontas outside the Pyramids

Step 6 Step 7
mixing machine

Once you have all the ingredients, click the mixing machine found at the center of the room and start mixing

mix ingredients

Enter the correct amount of materials needed to create the solution. You'll receive an Unknown Test Tube after mixing.

Step 8 Bonus

Show the unknown test tube to the Mage guildsman. You'll be a Mage once you presented the correct end-product

new mage manager

Talk to New Mage Manager beside the entrance to receive your free joblevel

Quest Skills

Aside from your default skills, you can also obtain class specific skills through questing. Here are the quest skills that you can get as a Mage:

Energy coat
mage guild great wizard

Great Wizard


Job level 35

glass bead x3 Glass bead

1 carat diamond x1 1 carat diamond

shell x5 Shell

solid shell x1 Solid shell

Leveling spots

Payon dungeon Morroc field / Byalan Orc dungeon/field Yuno field / Mjolnir field Clock tower
payon dungeon
ant hell
orc dungeon
orc field
clock tower
Easy Easy Medium Medium - Hard Medium - Hard
With your free job level from the mage manager, you can easily defeat monsters on this map. Once you have an elemental skill, you can start leveling here. Use fire element magic on morroc field and wind element magic in byalan. As you level up, it's easier to hunt monsters. Everything in this area is weak to fire. This is a famous leveling spot for ranged classes as geographers are immobile. With mage's casting range, you'll have no problem leveling here. If you're looking for a montster that has higher exp than geographer, you can try hunting clocks at clock tower level 2, which is located at aldebaran.
• Prioritize getting firewall as this will be your bread and butter in leveling.

• Don't max your skills this early if you're planning to level in monsters with different elemental properties.

• Using a level 3-5 bolt attack is better than a slow cast level 10 bolt skills.
• Get lightning bolt and thunderstorm if you're planning to hunt at byalan

• A well placed firewall is the secret to leveling up fast. You can practice firewall positioning while hunting muka and hodes.
• Block orcs with firewalls and kill it with firebolt. You can also look for a party to go with you in orc dungeon.

• Don't keep your distance from the front liners, stay beside them to lure out mobs spawning beside you.

• Bring potions in case of an emergency.

• Move to orc dungeon level 2 when you get stronger.
• You can hunt argiopes for the boots[1] while gaining level. At this point, you should be able to place firewalls correctly. Bring potions since most monsters here are aggressive.

• Geographers are a giveaway since theyre immobile. Just keep your distance so you're safe.

• Beware of punk, harpy, and deviling. They will kill you.
• The technique here is pulling the clock in a tight spot like a staircase then casting firewall.

• Beware of aggresive monsters

Sample builds

Standard Mage
Lower Limit
poor items
Upper Limit
good items
mage skills