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  Revo-Classic Archer Guide

Revo-Classic Archer Guide


Archers are experts at long-range combat with Bows and Arrows. Their range gives them an advantage over stationary or slow monsters. Additionally, arrows have elemental properties which is a huge boost when dealing with monsters. With these advantages, archers can end the battle before it even start.

Standard Builds!

Agi Int
agi build int build

Changing job to Archer

Step 1 Step 2
archer village

Archer village is located just outside payon cave.

From payon, just move one map north.

archer guildsman Talk to the archer guildsman to start the quest. He will tell you to collect trunks from willows around Payon.

Step 3 Step 4

Each type of trunk is worth different points and you need atleast 25 points to pass.


Fine grained trunks = 5 points

Solid trunks = 3 points

Barren trunks = 2 points

Trunks = 1 points

Step 5

Talk to archer guildsman once you collected 25 points worth of trunks and you'll be promoted to an archer.

Quest Skills

Aside from your default skills, you can also obtain class specific skills through questing. Here are the quest skills that you can get as a Mage:

Arrow crafting Charge arrow
moroc kyulnari


payon gaeho



Job level 30

mushroom spore x7 Mushroom spore

red potion x1 Red potion

resin x20 Resin

trunk x13 Trunk

pointed scale x41 Pointed scale


Job level 35

banana juice x36 Banana juice

bill of birds x10 Bill of birds

emerald x2 Emerald

tentacle x10 Tentacle

yoyo tail x3 Yoyo tail

Leveling spots

Payon dungeon Morroc field / Byalan Orc dungeon/field Yuno field / Mjolnir field Clock tower
payon dungeon
orc dungeon
high orcs
Easy Easy Medium Medium Medium
Just outside the archer guild, you'll see payon cave. Go here to get your first few levels, or you can go to the next levels for higher exp Hodes and Mukas move a bit slower than you, pair that with your attack range and you'll be untouchable in this map. You can go to this map once you have maxed your double strafe. Be careful though as monster may spawn beside you. This is a famous leveling spot for ranged classes because geographers are immobile. As an archer, it's easy peasy for you! As soon as you can kill high orcs, you can start leveling here.
• Arrows: Holy or Fire

• Beware of farmiliars!

• Zombies move slow so you can kite them. Kiting is moving back after every attack so the monster won't get near you.

• Remove your /nc whenever you're kiting. This is to prevent your character from continously attacking. just type /nc to enable or disable.
• Arrows: Fire

• Kite mukas and hodes for easy level.

• Remove your /nc whenever you're kiting. This is to prevent your character from continously attacking. just type /nc to enable or disable.
• Arrows: Fire

• For low levels, avoid orc lady since they have increase agi and may become hard to kite.

• Use double strafe whenever you can.

• You can also go inside orc dungeon and hunt zenorcs. Bring holy arrow.
• Arrows: Fire

• Keep your distance from geographers so you won't get hit.

• If you have charge arrow, keep geographers away from each other because they heal monsters near them.

• Beware of punk, harpy, and deviling. They will kill you.
• Arrows: Fire and Ice

• For high orcs, use ice arrow. For orc archers, use fire arrow.

• Bring potions

• Use charge arrow to keep monsters away from you.

• Beware of aggresive monsters

Sample builds

Agi / Dex Archer Int / Dex Archer
Lower Limit (Same equips)
poor items poor items
Upper Limit
good items good items
Skills (Same skills)
agi build skill
int build skill