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  Revo-Classic Acolyte Guide

Revo-Classic Acolyte Guide

revo classic acolyte

Acolyte, a support class, are usually found behind the frontliners keeping them in check. They have support skills like heal, and they can give players a stat boost. It isn't uncommon to find Acolytes travelling with adventurers as they are the most knowledgeable when it comes to supporting.

Standard Builds!

Full Support Battle
support stat battle stat

Changing job to Acolyte

Step 1 Step 2

Enter the church located at the top right side of Prontera.

portal father mareusis

Enter the portal on the right and look for Father Mareusis (Cleric). Speak with him to start the test.

Step 3 Father Rubalkabara

He'll ask you to visit one of these NPCs.

north prontera Father Rubalkabara

From Prontera:

1 map North 1 north

2 maps East 2 east

Mother Marthilda Father Yosuke
 north morocc Mother Marthilda

From Morroc:

1 map North 1 north

west prontera Father Yosuke

From Prontera:

2 maps West 2 west

1 map North 1 north

Step 4

Return to Father Mareusis after talking to the said NPC and he'll turn you into an Acolyte

Quest Skills

Aside from your default skills, you can also obtain class specific skills through questing. Here are the quest skills that you can get as an Acolyte:

Holy light
prontera church cleric



Job level 30

opal x1 Opal

crystal blue x1 Crystal blue

rosary x1 Rosary

Leveling spots

Payon dungeon Morroc field Orc dungeon Yuno field High orcs
payon dungeon
moroc field
orc dungeon
yuno field
geffen field 14
Medium Easy Medium Medium - Hard Medium - Hard
When you say payon cave, it's archers and acolytes. They dominate this part of payon due to their skills and various advantages. Once you've found someone to party with, go and kill some Mukas! then Hodes! You can also go here alone and look for a party. No one refuses an acolyte! If you're looking for more action and never-ending grind, Orc dungeon is the one for you. Monsters spawn immediately when they die, leaving you no room for rests. This is a famous leveling spot for archers as geographers are immobile. Find an archer to party with and start grinding! Acolytes are archer's bestfriend. Find an archer to party with since they can kill high orcs at long range.
• Healing undead monsters damages them, so rush to get a level 5 or more heal. With this skill, you'll always have someone to party with. It's what everyone wants.

• Next, get blessing and increase agi. Once you have this, supporting will be a breeze and people will line up to party with you.

• Go one map higher once you get stronger to get more exp.
• Keep your party members in check. Heal and buff them when needed.

• Always sit when you're idle, this is to help you regen your SP.
• Stay alert! a monster might spawn beside you.

• Don't keep your distance from the front liners, stay beside them to lure out mobs spawning beside you.

• Bring potion in case of an emergency.

• Move to the next level when you get stronger.
• Don't forget to save this map as a warp point! you can offer a warp service to people when you don't feel like grinding.

• Beware of punk, harpy, and deviling. They will kill you.

• Sit when idle for fast sp recovery.
• Use pneuma when against an orc archer.

• Bring potion in case of emergency.

• Monsters here deals heavy damage. Stay alert and don't stray too far away.

Sample builds

Support Acolyte Battle Acolyte
Lower Limit
cheap support items cheap battle items
Upper Limit
good support items good battle items
support skills
battle skills