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Revo classic farming & zeny guide

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Revo Classic Farming & Zeny Guide

When it comes to ragnarok online revo classic, zeny plays an important role due to the fact that it what keeps the economy running. With this guide, we'll help you plan a strategy that will fit your playstyle whether you're a new player or not.

Why farm? Do you even need it?

As your level goes higher, leveling up gets harder and the supplies you consume can be demanding. Farming can help by getting you enough funds to keep going. If done correctly, you can level up while farming.

Part 1: Character Creation

novice icon ragnarok

Many have overlooked this but having the ability to farm starts with character creation. If you get the stats right from the start, then farming will be easy even without equips.

AGI: 9
DEX: 9
STR: 9

INT: 9
VIT: 9
DEX: 9

VIT: 9
STR: 9
DEX: 9

Noticed something? All starter stats need DEX. It is the stat responsible for successfully hitting monsters or speeding up casting time. Without dex, you'll have a hard time right from the start.

Part 2: What job should you pick?

first job ragnarok

You have 2 options on how to approach first class:

1. You can farm immediately to start earning zeny

2. Rush to second job since this is just a passing class.


PRO: They are long range and can do high damage, plus their arrows are elemental.

CON: They consume many arrows at low level and cannot skill much due to small sp pool.


PRO: They have good sustain because of their heal and buff.

CON: No strong skill especially vs. non-undead mobs. Mostly mistaken as a bot.


PRO: They have strong elemental magic that can 1 hit mobs.

CON: Needs to position correctly to perform a magic attack. Cast can also be cancelled.


PRO: Can buy from npc at a lower price and sell at a higher price. They also have the highest weight capacity amongst all characters, and a cart which is a secondary storage.

CON: Mammonite can cost 1k everytime you use it. Just dont use it!


PRO: High attack speed, high flee, can double attack, need i say more?

CON: Can die easily when mobbed. Thieves are a 1v1 class.


PRO: High hp, high defense, good skills, can equip majority of equipments.

CON: Relies on potions most of the time but can net the highest profit.

First job farming spots

level 15+
morocc field


Target: Muka

level 15+
geffen field 9


Target: Ambernite

level 15-40
payon dungeon 0

Payon Dungeon 1 to 3

Target: All

level 15-45
prontera culvert

Prontera Culvert 1 to 4

Target: All

level 20-35
orc dungeon

Anthell 1 & 2

Target: All

level 25-40
orc dungeon

Orc dungeon 1 & 2

Target: All

level 20-45
byalan 1

Byalan 1 to 3

Target: All

level 30+
prontera field 3


Target: Yoyo

level 30+
geffen dungeon


Target: Poison Spore

level 30+
geffen field 10


Target: Orc Lady

level 30+
toy factory

Toy Factory 2

Target: Myst Case

level 40+
comodo field 2


Target: Seal, Mobster

Part 3: Farming as second job

first job ragnarok

This is where farming becomes exciting! Each class have their own advantage over the other. Depending on your playstyle, one of these class may just be your ticket to millions.


PRO: Good class to farm. Have single target and area skills.

CON: Very low sp pool and consumes too much potions.


PRO: Very strong against demon and undead monsters, which also happen to drop good loots.

CON: They consume too much HP and SP potions.


PRO: Whatevery build you choose, you won't regret if you farm with hunter.

CON: Needs to keep distance, low HP, consumes too much arrow.


PRO: Combo monk functions much like an assassin. Have good flee and attack speed.

CON: All skills are single target.


PRO: Can farm forever because of support skills.

CON: Battle priests have no burst skills and reported as bot most of the time.


PRO: Can fight single monster or mobs. Have good skill coverage and damage.

CON: Wizard skills have long casting time.


PRO: Good mix of attack and magic attack. Have single target and area skills

CON: Low hp and shield tends to slow attack speed.


PRO: Click and watch gameplay. Have auto-steal and got good aspd and flee.

CON: Can die easily when mobbed if no vit.


PRO: Click and watch gameplay. Highest flee in game, and good attack speed.

CON: Can die easily when mobbed if no vit.


PRO: Can AFK if homunculus is high level. Can brew potions

CON: If you AFK with homunculus, you can't get the loots.


PRO: Good overall damage and set of skills. Have a chance to get ore drops from any mobs. Can forge weapons and have good defense against fire element.

CON: You'll be targeted by hackers coz you have too much money.

Second job farming spots

level 50+
payon dungeon 4

Payon Dungeon 4

Target: Sohee

level 50-80
sunken ship

Sunken Ship 1 & 2

Target: Hydra, Penomena

level 50-80
gonryun dungeon 0

Gonryun Dungeon 1 & 3

Target: All, Cloud Hermit

level 65-80
prontera culvert

Byalan 4 & 5

Target: All

level 70+
orc dungeon


Target: All

level 75+


Target: Grand Peco

level 75+
hidden temple

Hidden Temple 3

Target: All

level 75+
glast heim

All GH maps

Target: All

level 70+


Target: Bathory

level 70+
magma dungeon 2

Magma Dungeon 1

Target: All

level 85+
magma dungeon 2

Magma Dungeon 2

Target: All

level 85+

Geffenia 1 to 4

Target: All

Part 4: Push your luck!


Another way of of gaining zeny is by opening RNG boxes. RNG stands for random number generator, which means that these boxes give random items.

Items within these boxes are on the extremes of the spectrum, from the most useless to the most in demand. There are no formula or ritual on how to get rares, so forget all those superstition and start opening those boxes!

Part 5: Other zeny making options


Buy and Sell

Buy low, Sell high! That's how the real world works!


Sometimes, an update can change the tide of the game's economy. Being able to predict what items will go expensive and cheap is a sure way to get rich!

Forger and Brewer

Making a forger and/or a brewer always works when you are planning to earn zeny! The items they craft are in-demand and almost all players will come back for more.


This is another RNG feature but is a risky move. Make sure that you have many supplies of equipment before overupgrading. You can also take the risk if you're feeling lucky!

Enchant Slot!

This is also an RNG feature which enables you to add a slot to an equipment. For the list of slottable equipments, speak to seyablem and leyablem

Leech Service

Probably the most efficient way of earning zeny since you'll also gain levels. Don't be afraid to make compromises to get a client.

Bounty Hunter

If you have time to spare, you can hunt a particular item that a player is looking for. With this technique, you're sure that you'll earn good zeny, plus gain a client if all goes well.

Boss Hunting

This is the inevitable destination of all players, as they'll start hunting bosses at some point in time. An effective hunt takes planning and good coordination with your mates. Be sure to cooperate. Or just solo it if you're a trapper.

And that concludes our ragnarok online revo classic farming & zeny guide! If we missed something, feel free to message us on our facebook page at facebook.com/99porings