Ragnarok Online Revo-Classic Guides

  Revo-Classic Cash Shop

Cash shops are mainly the Universal, Convenient, Extra, and Rental Kafras which sells items for in-game credits called ExCash.

Cash shop locations:

revo classic cash shop prontera


revo classic cash shop alberta


revo classic cash shop morocc


revo classic cash shop geffen


revo classic cash shop aldebaran


Cash shop NPC:

Universal Convenient Extra Rental
revo classic universal cash shop I sell accessories for different jobs! revo classic convenient cash shop I sell consumables from, potions, EXP boxes, arrow quivers, style coupons, and more! revo classic extra cash shop Here are some headgears that you might like! revo classic rental cash shop Awesome items for rent!
revo classic universal cash items
revo classic convenient cash items
revo classic extra cash items
revo classic rental cash items