double bound [1]

Weapon - bow

Atk: 100

agi +2

auto attack has a chance to trigger [double strafe] lv.5

when [beastmastery] lv.10 is learned, the damage of [beastmastery] +20%

Tier 1

agi +5

steel x80
scell x257
zeny x20000

Tier 2

atk +30, int +2

zeny x20000

Tier 3

atk +50, int +3

Tier 4

when you have learned lv.10 [beastmastery], [beastmastery] dmg increases by 100%. when the auto attack triggers [blitz beat], has a chance to reduce target's sp by a certain amount. (this effect is only valid in pvp)

cyfar x619
zeny x20000