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Revo-Classic Gank/auto steal Rogue guide Revo-Classic Gank/auto steal Rogue guide

Dagger rogues are mainly used for farming because daggers have small aspd penalty, combine it with their auto steal and you've got yourself a perfect farming machine

<3 Primary stat: Agi(Attack speed) and Dex(Steal chance increase)
<3 Seconday stat: Str(Damage and weight limit) and Vit(HP/DEF)

⭐️ Power 7/10: Attack speed and double attack is an unmatched combo for dagger rogues.

⭐️ Survivability 7/10: Rogues have skills that help them avoid or initiate a combat. Skills like backslide and hide helps them not just position themselves but also avoid impending danger.

⭐️ Playability: Easy: Just click the monster you want to hunt

⭐️ Zeny Efficiency 10/10: They are one of the efficient farmers in game due to their ability to auto-steal from monsters while attacking.

⭐️ Boss Hunting Capabilities 0/10: Auto steal rogues are built for farming only.

Stats, skills, and additional info about Gank/auto steal Rogues can be found here:

Watch our Gank/auto steal Rogue in action!

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