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Revo-Classic Raid/Sword Rogue guide Revo-Classic Raid/Sword Rogue guide

Sword type rogues rely on their weapon's high attack to inflict devastating damage. They can also sneak behind their enemy's back for an unexpected back stab

<3 Primary stat: Str(Attack damage)
<3 Seconday stat: Agi(Attack speed) and Vit(HP/DEF)
<3 Needs Dex to hit targets

⭐️ Power 8/10: With the right weapon, sword rogues can inflict 5k-6k damage per Back stab.

⭐️ Survivability 7/10: Rogues have skills that help them avoid or initiate a combat. Skills like backslide and hide helps them not just position themselves but also avoid impending danger.

⭐️ Playability: Medium: Back stab needs positioning and you need to avoid sight and ruwach.

⭐️ Zeny Efficiency 8/10: Sword rogues can switch to dagger for faster attack speed for auto steal or use sightless mind with a sword. Both are good farming options

⭐️ Boss Hunting Capabilities 4/10: Sword rogues can back stab bosses but unable to 1v1 them.

Stats, skills, and additional info about Raid/Sword Rogues can be found here:

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