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Revo-classic Grenader/Acid terror Alchemist Guide Revo-classic Grenader/Acid terror Alchemist Guide

Acid terror and demonstration is the main skill of this build. These skills allows the alchemist to break their opponent's armor and weapon. They are also capable of protecting their equipments from breaking.

<3 Primary stat: Str(Attack damage) and Int (Matk)
<3 Secondary stat: Vit(HP/DEF) and Dex(casting reduction)

⭐️ Power 10/10: Acid terror and demonstration ignores flee which is beneficial when dealing with high AGI opponents.

⭐️ Survivability 7/10: Alchemists have carts which lets them carry tons of potions. Demonstration can also prevent opponents from reaching them.

⭐️ Playability: Easy: Just target your enemies with your skills.

⭐️ Zeny Efficiency 4/10: Grenade bottles and Molotovs are expensive to make.

⭐️ Boss Hunting Capabilities 7/10: They have the ability to hit bosses who have high AGI because their skill ignores flee which lets them be an effective boss hunter.

Stats, skills, and additional info about Grenader/Acid terror Alchemist can be found here:

Watch our Grenader/Acid terror Alchemist in action!

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