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Revo-Classic Battle Forger Guide Revo-Classic Battle Forger Guide

The best of both worlds, battle forgers are capable of doing things that pure forgers and battlesmiths can. They can hunt whenever they feel the rush and also forge whenever they feel like it.

<3 Primary stat: Str, Dex, Luk (ATK and Forge boosting stats)
<3 Secondary stat: Agi(Aspd) and Vit(HP/DEF)
<3 Equipments: Two items sets for forging and hunting.

⭐️ Power 9/10: Despite lacking stats to be a battlesmith, you won't be able to tell apart battle forgers from battlesmiths.
⭐️ Survivability 7/10: As a battle forger, getting the stats right is vital. Having an agi and vit ensures that if an attack doesn't miss, you'll have enough hp and def to take the damage.
⭐️ Playability: Medium: It's just basically a battlesmith with few forging skills.
⭐️ Zeny Efficiency 10/10: Being able to hunt their own materials and forge their own items makes this build very efficient.
⭐️ Boss Hunting Capabilities: 6/10: If you took mammonite as a merchant then your boss hunting capabilities will be higher, if not, you'll only have cart revolution as your offensive skill.

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