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Revo-Classic Asura Monk Guide Revo-Classic Asura Monk Guide

This build is the highest damaging build amongst second class, capable of eliminating a boss monster with just a few hits. Asura strike is also know as Extremity Fist or Guillotine Fist.

<3 Primary stat: Str(attack damage) and Int(SP pool) [both increases Asura strike damage]
<3 Seconday stat: Dex(Cast time reduction) or Vit(HP/DEF)

⭐️ Power 10/10: Asura Strike is the only skill capable of killing boss monsters in less than 10 hits. Asura Monks are famous for being boss hunters.

⭐️ Survivability 6/10: After using their ultimate skill, Asura monks need 10 seconds to be able to refill SP again, thus making them incapable of combat during this 10 second cooldown.

⭐️ Playability: Medium: Asura needs good timing and some analysis.

⭐️ Zeny Efficiency 5/10: Asura monks rely heavily on SP potions and they are hard to level up since this is a 1v1 build.

⭐️ Boss Hunting Capabilities 10/10: This is where Asura Monks shine! This build is capable of hunting every none ghost monsters and eliminating them with just a few hits!

Stats, skills, and additional info about Asura Monks can be found here:

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