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Revo-Classic Grand Cross Crusader Guide Revo-Classic Grand Cross Crusader Guide

B) Grand cross is a powerful area skill capable of wiping out mobs of undead monsters. This build is also able to sustain themselves because of their skill heal.

<3 Primary stat: Str(Atk) and Int(Matk) [Grand cross damage is ATK+MATK]
<3 Secondary stat: Vit(HP/DEF) and Dex(Casting time reduction)

⭐️ Power 10/10: Grand cross crusader is a class of it's own because with the right equips, even non-undead monsters will be 1 shot by this skill.

⭐️ Survivability 8/10: Following the hierarchy of the 2-1 class, Crusaders have the highest HP pool among alternate jobs. They also have defensive skills which allows them to be tanky.

⭐️ Playability: Medium: Be sure to keep an eye on your HP when mobbing and casting grand cross since this skill also inflicts damage on the caster.

⭐️ Zeny Efficiency 8/10: Grand cross also does damage to it's caster that's why spending for potions is inevitable. However, when partying with priests, this build doesn't need to spend a dime on HP pots.

⭐️ Boss Hunting Capabilities 8/10: Grand Cross is an area skill that's why there's no need to get a wizard to eliminate the mobs when boss hunting. Be sure to stock up on potions and get a priest for efficiency.

Stats, skills, and additional info about Grand Cross Crusaders can be found here:

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